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"Making sure the job is done right"

"Three days before my wife and I were supposed to get married and with a
house full of visitors, we woke up to no hot water. While heading to the
wedding venue that morning, I talked to my brother-in-law who said not
to worry and that he knew a great heating technician, Matt. I don't
think my wife or I gave it another thought as we were a bit preoccupied,
but we found out after the wedding that Matt had immediately come up to
the house to make sure there were no major issues or leaks. After
diagnosing the problem, Matt then helped guide us through the options
when we got home and installed our new system. Matt is a tireless
worker, professional and polite. Not to mention, his work is absolutely
flawless. When giving friends and family a tour of our house, the first
stop is the basement to see the new boiler and his work."
- Andrew and Sarah Allyn, Brunswick, ME

"I bought my home in Windham Maine 4 years ago.  Being a new homeowner, I did not realize the importance of having the furnace cleaned each year.  While shoveling snow off the roof that first year, I noticed black smoke billowing out of the chimney.  I called Matt right away.  He came over and cleaned the furnace- problem solved!  I've been working with Matt ever since.  He is professional, courteous, and always accomodating."
-Elizabeth Quinn, Windham, Maine

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